It’s Not The Economy, Stupid… It’s The Fed

Back in the 1992 presidential race, James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist wanted his candidate to blame incumbent George H.W. Bush for the recession the country was facing and pressed the Clinton team into focusing on that key talking point by telling them, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

That phrase is still used today.

But it shouldn’t be when it comes to the stock market.

In fact, anyone who thinks the market’s wobbling because the economy is wobbling might be stupid.

The market is having an ugly bout of hiccups, not because there are any problems with the economy, it’s hiccupping because the Federal Reserve is stupid.

Here’s what the Fed’s doing that’s stupid, why we’re stupid to believe they’re not the problem, and how to fill in the hole they’ve dug for the country and the world…

Intervention Is Socialism

The bottom-line is that the Federal Reserve, America’s private so-called central bank, has been intervening in the economy and free markets, to the point where our economy and markets aren’t free anymore.

Instead of after-the-fact reacting to an overheating economy or a stagnant or recession-plagued economy, the Fed leads us into unsustainable expansions that inflate dangerous bubbles by keeping rates artificially too low for too long and then artificially has to lower them a lot more by extraordinary means to prevent the deflation they hung us with when their last fully aided and abetted mortgage mania imploded U.S. and global economies.

How the Fed “commands” the economy isn’t exactly communist, but it sure is a form of socialism.

Congress punts to the Fed.

Politicians gave the Fed the power they exercise.

Why? Because it’s the economy, stupid.

The Fed was created, by the most powerful bankers in the U.S. and the world, to take over America’s money supply so it could print as much money as it wanted, to distribute to its constituent banks, so they could buy debt issued by the Treasury.

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