Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?

Look how neatly they are making us hate and fear one another.

I guess my question is, are you going to let yourself be manipulated?

  • Are the other parents of kids on your son’s baseball team actually the enemy because they voted for someone different, or are they just the folks who select the really good, name-brand popsicles when it’s their turn to bring the treats?
  • Is your next door neighbor who had the campaign sign for the candidate you detested in her front yard during the last presidential race actually the antiChrist or is she just the one with the best tomatoes on the block?
  • What about the guy at the dog park with the two sweet-natured Golden Retrievers? Did you think he was pretty cool before you saw the unfortunate bumper sticker on his SUV?

If we are directly threatened, we absolutely must defend ourselves. It’s our natural human right to do so. But politics? Bumper stickers? Don’t be a snowflake. You don’t have to engage in the hate.

We need to look at the individual people and we need to ignore the media that tells us they’re the enemy. Maybe they want to drum up a war, but we can be the majority who stops it. We can refuse to participate and take the bait.

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This is a guest post authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

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Angry Old Lady 1 year ago Member's comment

Thanks Jim, for sharing Daisy's excellent article. I've been saying the same thing for quite a while now.