Can Socio-Capitalism Be An Alternative To Socialism And Capitalism?

There were two competing ideologies since the 19th century - capitalism and socialism. Capitalism is all about money and it is the most effective mechanism to increase ... capital. No people is mentioned in capitalism as an ideology. People serve to capital. Socialism is all about people as equal social actors and is aimed at social progress like resource equality to maximize personal growth. No money is mentioned in socialism as ideology. Money serve to people.

The USSR failed as a system because it was economically less effective than the countries professing capitalism. Almost all resources in the USSR were divided between people to enhance human progress except those aimed at defense and protection.

The USA is an example of capitalism success - capital reins. The US people does not matter, however. The median real personal income has not been growing since the late 1980s. Capital seeks only the rate of own growth. Proportional share of resources for personal growth (education, health, sports, arts, etc.) is not available for increasing share of population. People are slaves of capital and this makes them angry. It makes angry the Rust Belt, the victims of slavery, and highly likely in the near future the Latinos invited to occupy the worst job positions. This is because people is not a part of capitalism.  

Western Europe is not a good example as well. It's wealth basement was also built during the centuries of colonial robbery. Now, these countries have to invite people from the former colonies to serve as ... servants. Nobody is happy for a long time in such positions.

Finally, China has been chasing the pink unicorn merging both ideologies in one big pot: socio-capitalism. The Communist Party rules the society (distributes resources for personal growth) and also allows the capitalism to do its inhuman job. Currently, the human progress in China is as tremendous as economic. This makes the Chinese socio-capitalism a temporary alternative to both pure ideologies and this situation infuriates the capitalist ideology.  The USA and China compete on the brink of war. In the USA, the interest of capital prevents the hot war phase so far. 

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