America In The Post-Freedom Era

Yet, supported or not, we may very well soon see a Harris regency presidency. As her reputation has been that of an aggressive far-leftist, her leadership promises to take the US far more quickly in a collectivist direction than Mister Biden might have.

But isn’t there a flaw in this presumption?

If the ruling elite, who run the show behind the scenes, are made up of bankers, Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex and Wall Street, aren’t they the country’s foremost capitalists? Wouldn’t they be opposed to a collectivist regime?

The answer is no. And to understand this, we can again look at history. In 1917, Wall Street funded Leon Trotsky in his move to defeat the Mensheviks in Russia and install Bolshevik rule. That funding made possible the Lenin/Trotsky regime.

In the 1930s Wall Street funded another form of collectivism – fascism – in Germany. The near-penniless Nazis received all the capital they needed to create a military intended to take over all of Europe.

What we can take away from history is that for those who are at the top level of rule – above the more visual but ultimately disposable politicians – the central objective is control. Create a powerful government from which all things flow. Debase the populace so that they have neither the economic power nor the ambition to think for themselves and take control of their own lives.

Subjugate the masses as completely as possible. Thereafter, the acquisition of wealth is a no-brainer. Those who possess totalitarian rule control the economy and all wealth that may be derived from it.

Regardless of whether collectivism is called socialism, communism, fascism or any other new “ism” that may in future be concocted, it’s the key to domination. Once a people depend entirely upon their government for all that they receive, they quickly learn to submit to whatever is demanded of them, no matter how extreme.

And so, in 2021, the groundwork has been laid for a major transformation of the US and, indeed, quite a few other countries that have followed a similar path.

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