America In The Post-Freedom Era

Post-Freedom Era

In June of 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the US.

At that time, his candidacy was looked upon as a joke, and indeed, well into the campaign in 2016, both Democrat and Republican politicians treated a win by Mister Trump as a ridiculous impossibility.

Yet, at that time, I predicted that he’d win, as I believed that he would become an ideal tool for the Ruling Elite in their pursuit of far greater objectives than a mere presidency.

It was clear at the time that Mister Trump was a textbook narcissist who would seek maximum attention for himself whilst in office and would want all events to centre on himself on a daily basis. Conservatives would be encouraged by his bluster, whilst liberals would burst a blood vessel over his incessant posturing.

The reason for my belief was history. In 1928, Herbert Hoover, a millionaire businessman who had never previously held elected office was elected as the US president. He was set up by the ruling elite as a patsy – the guy who would take the fall for causing the crash that would occur in 1929.

It worked. Those who were responsible for creating the unmanageable debt prior to the 1929 crash could not only pass the blame to their sucker-president; they would also be left with an electorate that was so angry over the crash and resultant economic crisis that, in 1932, the elite were able to usher in an all-encompassing Democratic win.

The Democrats took both houses of Congress and the presidency in that election. Franklin Roosevelt, a banker and Wall Street insider, was presented as the friend of the little man. He promised to turn his back on his wealth, his business partners and family and institute a host of policies that would assist those in need… collectivist policies that would, in fact, help to enslave those whom he claimed to be assisting.

The electorate loved Mister Roosevelt, as they saw him as their personal saviour. The Ruling Elite understood that Mister Roosevelt was creating a regime of increased government control through which they, the Elite, would more greatly dominate the populace.

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