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I have two folks to introduce to you. First, Mr. Billy Markus:

Second, one of my beloved children, from years ago, who was as usual ahead of the curve. He’s the one in the middle dressed as a Dogecoin for Halloween.

Billy Markus created Dogecoin years ago. He did it as a joke, and as he made plain in a recent posting to Reddit, not only did the entire crypto project only take him a few hours, but most of the time was spent futzing with the fonts so that the egregious comic sans would be used.

Well, his joke of a coin recently went positively ape-shit, exploding in value to nearly $10 billion. Ten. Billion. Dollars. All for a figment of someone’s imagination that took him a few hours to hack together.

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You would think Mr. Markus would be crazy rich right now. Like multi-billionaire rich. Nope. The painful irony is that he dumped every coin he had seven years ago and scored enough cash to pay his monthly apartment rent and make sure his Honda Civic wasn’t repossessed. Indeed, his own mom is facing foreclosure on her home, and her almost-a-billionaire son isn’t in a position to bail her out. It’s actually pretty goddamned sad to read about.

But the entire episode just illustrates how the world – – and I’m quite serious here – – has gone stark raving mad. This is lunacy. Madness. Insanity. And it has all crept up on us so slowly, that the only people society concerns insane are folks like me who dare recognize the unhinged nature of…………ALL of this.

And it’s all the Fed’s fault. Every penny of it. Money has truly lost its meaning. There is still wealth, of course. There is real estate. Fine art. Gold bullion. Other objects, both physical and intangible, that have clearly defensible value.

Yet so much of what we consider wealth is just a wispy thread of gossamer at this point. So if I am insane, I embrace my insanity. And this madman is here to tell you that the consequences are going to be unfathomable. What a shame it is for all of us that we cannot know the day of reckoning.

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