Unintended Consequences

As fake news goes, this one takes the cake. It's not without great hesitation that I share this link, which is obviously riddled with false and misleading information...

It seems that according to the procedures, anybody can file for a US copyright on any piece of writing or code and it is not legally binding in any way. Still, the price of Bitcoin SV shot up by about 100% following the announcement.

The recent campaign to delist BSV from the major exchanges may have had some unintended consequences. Now that there is drastically reduced liquidity, the coin is acting like a penny stock, where even a small amount of volume can push the price drastically in either direction.

Previously we've shared a link to some overwhelming evidence that Craig S Wright has on many occasions provided fake and forged evidence of his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Several have pointed out that lawsuits and patents are very un-Satoshi-like. What gets me though is that the real Satoshi was very clear about how network splits should be resolved.

Given that it's highly unlikely that very many people actually bought BSV based on the above "news", it leaves me wondering who may have had the motivation to move the price like this?

Traditional Markets

The funny thing about kicking the can down the road is that eventually you get down the road and catch up with it.

It seems that Prime Minister Theresa May is getting ready to put her Brexit plan before a Parliamentary vote once again, but this time with a twist. The "new" plan includes the option of a second Brexit referendum. 

With all the calls for May to resign, pundits have currently skipped ahead and begun speculating on who will be her successor. Many of them that I've heard so far are pointing to someone whose name rhymes with Morris Swanson.

The Pound Sterling has been in a steep decline since the beginning of May.

BNB To the Moon

Though bitcoin and most of the cryptos seem to be meeting heavy resistance at the moment, Binance Coin is once again showing its ability to shirk the rest of the market and is now trading at it's all time highest levels.

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