The U.S.’s Monumental 21st Century Mistakes

Week 15 of the Quarantine

Are the good times really over for good?

Stop rolling downhill like a snowball headed for Hell.

Stand up for the flag and let’s all ring the Liberty Bell.

Let’s make a Ford and a Chevy that would still last ten years, like they should.

‘Cause the best of the free life is still yet to come.

And the good times ain’t over for good.

– American singer-songwriter Merle Haggard

Poor Merle. He must have turned his Wi-Fi off.

The long, downhill march probably began in January 2000, with the collapse of the stock market.

Back then, you would have had to sell nearly 40 ounces of gold to get enough money to buy all the stocks in the Dow. Now, it’s only just under 15… despite much higher dollar prices.

In real terms – gold – America’s capital industries are worth barely a third of what they were worth 20 years ago.

Yes, for the last score of years, the U.S. has been stumbling down the mountain… with huge slips and falls along the way.

And yesterday, we saw why the U.S. dollar, upon which the whole empire rests, will soon avalanche down, too.

Tootling Along

Today, we look at the worst of the bruises.

Each year, some new ranking shows the U.S. dropping further. Life expectancy, happiness, infrastructure – by almost any measure you choose, America has lost ground.

Most recently, the Economist Intelligence Unit rankings put the U.S. in the same category as Argentina, with a “flawed” democracy.

But democracy is always flawed. And it was never America’s source of strength. Instead, it was the economy that powered the empire. Up until the end of the 1990s, the economy was firing on all cylinders.

To make a long story short, the democratically elected grease monkeys should have changed the oil. Instead, they put sand in the gears – encouraging debt rather than wealth… stifling the free market with rules, tariffs, restraints, regulations, and sanctions… queering capitalism with fake money and fake interest rates.

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