Crypto Investing: A Big Red Flag That Smart Investors Don’t Ignore

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They are back: the crypto predictions that make your head spin. BTC to $400k, yes why not? Where is the ‘BTC goes to $5M prediction’, anyone? Here is a question: why was nobody predicting this when BTC was falling apart in March, or consolidating for many months in June? Anyone has a reasonable answer? All we can answer is: big red flag. The more excitement in financial and social media, the lower the upside potential. Premium crypto members got a ‘red flag’ alert from us yesterday, and as we are concerned about all our followers (not only premium members) we’ll feature a few paragraphs from our red flag alert in the public domain.

This is the article that surfaced this week, exactly the day when BTC was breaking above $20k.

A few things on all this.

We have been waiting for these outrageous numbers like BTC to 100k, 200k, etc. We didn’t expect 400k.

Guess what, innocent investors will be buying this, literally. Because for every buyer there is a seller. Who is going to buy BTC near 30k? Yes, innocent investors that fall in the trap of these outrageous predictions.

But innocent investors fail to understand that words are meaningless. All that matters it positions and transactions. So the first question to ask to anyone doing an outrageous prediction is whether their portfolio reflects their prediction, and if will not be selling in case it appears that prediction won’t come true.

Moreover, this type of ‘news’ is anecdotal evidence of a top, probably a temporary top. Not the end of the secular crypto bull market. But the top in which many ignorant and innocent investors are sucked into, right before a steeper decline and longer consolidation in which most new-comers in this space will be scared and selling … to the same guys that were predicting 400k … obviously at much lower levels.

Watch out

You should be buying when nobody wants an asset, when a market is quiet. This is what we told our premium crypto members on July 9, 2020 (everyone can check our ‘blockchain alerts archive‘ for evidence):

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