Crypto Chartbook: Bitcoin, Eighty Percent Rule-based

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Rarely do stars align that nicely, yet we have found the mind again playing tricks, especially for easy trades. Without a precise rule-based sequence and detailed entry and exit planning, human errors are guaranteed.

Why is it eighty percent and not a hundred? The market has too many variables to be tamed by a purely left-brained approach. It requires experience (=screen time), creativity, and some thinking outside the box to make the market give up profits consistently to the trader.

Bitcoin, eighty percent rule-based:

Why a tightly knitted web of rules is necessary is to be able to execute one’s plan. Have you ever wondered why you ran a stop or, numerous times in a row, betrayed your own plan? Simple! When too many question marks arise within the flow to commit to trade by actually pressing the button, it gets harder and harder to pull the trigger. Conflicts are eating away confidence. There is a necessity of a clear, sequenced rule-based event chain to act without hesitation consistently.

We found that a well-rehearsed scenario with clarity to act in your own best interest is one way to step into this field of uncertainty and repeatedly act on your plan. The alternative is a bad relationship between a well-developed edge and the ability to act upon these edges. Most of the time, this causes human errors. Consequently, the edge is mitigated to that extent that one consistently loses money.

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