Coping With Changing Job Markets

I quote from a review on Podiscio’s book that appeared recently in the New York Times:

But the biggest revelation of Pondiscio’s research comes not from inside classrooms at all. While he does not believe Success cherry-picks students for high performance, as critics often charge, he demonstrates convincingly that what the network does cherry-pick is parents, to strategic effect. Decades of research have shown that engaged parents and a stable family are far more important than schools and teachers to a child’s academic achievement.

“Poverty/Broken Home Kids” and the Impact on Teachers

Suppose you are a teacher in a school where your kids – for good reason – have their minds elsewhere. You have been trained to teach and few of your students are listening. In such circumstances, one wonders how long before teachers start applying for jobs in higher-income locales.

Labor Market Futures

The contemporary message is that you need a good education to get a good job in the future. And as I have written, it is definitely true that a huge number of manual labor and service jobs have been eliminated. But that does not mean you have to get a STEM education to prosper in the coming years. The US Department of Labor publishes occupation projections for the next decade. It includes 808 occupations that can be accessed with these filters: median pay, required education, on-job training, projected jobs, and their growth rates.   

Providing young people access to these data is one of the most beneficial forms of “education” they can receive.  For example, here is the BLS’ list of 28 jobs paying between $60,000 and $80,000 that only require a high school education:

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Alternatively, one might be interested in the occupations growing most rapidly with starting pay $80,000+:

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Barry Hochhauser 7 months ago Member's comment

You are certainly right. And in this digital age there are more and more opportunities to skip the education system all together. I was watching an interview with some video gamers. They brought in millions of dollars in income per year from streaming their gaming on ad-revenue generating platforms like YouTube, sponsorships and tournament wins.

Some of these kids were in their early teens and had parents we were working traditional jobs making $50k per year. Many of these parents let their kids drop out of school (or for the really young ones, supposedly by homechooled) and focus on their gaming full-time. It blows my mind.

Danny Straus 7 months ago Member's comment

Makes me want to go back in time to when my parents would tell me to stop wasting my time playing video games and hit the books. They said no one ever made a penny from playing games. Boy did they turn out to be wrong.