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Bob Moriarty, a TalkMarkets contributor and the founder of the websites and sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss geopolitics, bursting bubbles, and some unique buying opportunities for speculators. Hear from one the most highly regarding minds, as he shares his thoughts on the impeachment trial of President Trump, and the impacts that it may have domestically as well as globally.

We will then shift our focus on Bursting Financial Bubbles that may have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people. We will touch on student debt, The Fed, the repo program, real estate, the DOW, and the S&P 500. Bob will also share a valuable insurance tool that very few people implement into their portfolio to offset and or mitigate their losses and has a proven history benefiting its owners from financially calamity.

Finally, Bob will share some unique buying opportunities in the junior mining sector that have his attention and present some very intriguing value propositions that are selling at a discount. This is another action-packed interview with lots of insightful gems. Bob Moriarty has a proven pedigree of success and is not afraid to share his thoughts candidly.

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Maurice Jackson: Joining us for our conversation is Bob Moriarty, a world-renowned bestselling author and founder of the websites 321gold and For audience members, today we will hear from one of the most respected minds on the subject of geopolitics and investing, as we will discuss the impeachment trial of President Trump, bursting bubbles, and some very, very unique buying opportunities for your portfolio.

Bob, the impeachment trial of President Trump is dominating the news as the world is glued to their television sets with popcorn and soda in their hand, asking whatever happened to the United States of America? How does Bob Moriarty view the impeachment trial of President Trump? Is it warranted?

Bob Moriarty: There was a book was written in the 18th century and called Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon, and I think there were six volumes to the set. If you want to understand what the United States is going through today, you need to read Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. We are experiencing the end of empire. There were two recent events, one being the murder of General Soleimani and the other the impeachment. We're going to look back on this and a few years from now and say, "Were these people totally insane?" Now would you agree in general, that the thesis of the Democrats is that we need to impeach Trump to prevent him from being re-elected 2020 on the basis that he was using his political power to affect an election? Would you agree with that statement?

Maurice Jackson: I would agree with that statement.

Bob Moriarty: Now would it also be true that what the Democrats are doing, is they're using their political power to affect an election?

Maurice Jackson: I would completely agree.

Bob Moriarty: Would you agree that it is factual that what the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing, is exactly what they're doing. Would that be correct?

Maurice Jackson: That would be definitely correct.

Bob Moriarty: Okay. And that's bizarre. There's actually only one, there's one guy in the whole circus who seems to capture the insanity so far. Do you have any idea who that is?

Maurice Jackson: I would say, Donald Trump.

Bob Moriarty: Oh, heavens no, that guy, he lost it years ago, pardon my French. No, Donald Trump's a goof. I mean, the crazy thing is, what do you think he whacked Soleimani for? That was straight out of the movie "Wag the Dog," what's good enough for Clinton to do, it's good enough for Trump to do. No, there's one person who actually captures the insanity. And interesting enough, there's a direct connection, remember the fiasco over the OJ Simpson trial in California?

Maurice Jackson: I recall it, yes.

Bob Moriarty: Okay. There was only one person in hindsight who was actually saying, and I can't actually remember who it was, okay? Which embarrasses me a little bit because my memory is no good. But there was somebody that Rolling Stone had given a $50,000 check to, to listen to the trial and write a book. And the guy listened through the entire thing and the trial was over and Simpson got off. What do you suppose the guy did?

Maurice Jackson: I'm not familiar with this at all but I will assume he published the book.

Bob Moriarty: No, he tore up the check, called up Rolling Stone, and said, "This thing is such an embarrassment that I just couldn't possibly associate something so corrupt. Everybody in the courtroom was lying. Everybody in the courtroom was playing games and I don't want to have anything to do with it, so I'm not going to charge you and I tore up the check." The only sane person so far and only time will tell if he will be able to keep his sanity is Justice Roberts. And he said, "You guys are acting like kids. This is the Senate, grow up punks."

Maurice Jackson: What has you most concerned about the impeachment trial? And what should we keep our eyes on?

Bob Moriarty: The fact that an impeachment trial exists in the first place. It's an absolute circus and a joke. I don't like Trump. I think the man is a buffoon as you can tell I'm not a Trump fan, but he is certainly not nearly as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. And if Americans want to throw Donald Trump out of office, they've got the opportunity to do that this coming November. The Democrats are not only trying to affect the 2020 election, they're trying to affect the 2016 election.

Now, here's what's amazing about it. It cannot possibly get any better as it will only get worse. I'm old now, and but having the voters select the president, I think that's just a dandy idea and it is a great way to pick your leaders. When the CIA, and the DOJ and the NSA and the FBI start thinking, "God, we're doing so great with all these wars all over the world and all these regime changes, we're so successful, we need to do it to the U.S." And they failed and they just cannot come to grips with, "Jeez, nobody believes our bull that the Russian did it." Well, no kidding! And the only question is can Justice Roberts maintain his sanity and that's kind of 50-50 right now.

Maurice Jackson: You reference some players that I want to talk about, they're called the deep state. What is their level of involvement in the impeachment process?

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