The Whole System Is Bankrupt

In 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created, the American money supply (M1) did not exceed $3.5 billion.

In 1918, the money supply had doubled, due to the war in Europe which enriched the United States. M1 was $7 billion.

It was in 1920 that we saw the very first billionaire in the person of John D Rockefeller, whose Standard Oil was the first company to benefit from the boom in the automobile sector and therefore from the consumption of oil.

On July 25, 2011, the M1 money supply for the first time reached $2,000 billion.

On March 1, 2020, the M1 money supply was still only $4,027 billion. It had doubled in 9 years.

On December 31, 2020, just nine months later, the M1 money supply reached $18,000 billions.

The Senate voted at the end of the week a new budget of $1,900 billion of stimulus. Enough to last 2-3 more months…


- To give the illusion of an economy running normally.

- To buy corporate debts to avoid a bond crash.

-To buy the securities of companies via Black Rock to avoid a deeper and deeper stock market crash. Analysts are talking about the "nationalization" of Wall Street.

- To distribute a minimum income each month to all citizens, in this case, $600.

- To finance the administrations and the functioning of the State.

- To pay interest on public debts.

- To replace the foreign buyers of the American public debt, which no foreign central banks wants anymore.

The whole American economy in 2020 has been an illusion because the whole system is bankrupt.


The Bank of Japan, which is fully printing the controllers, bought completely, on the one hand, the shares of ETFs in the Nikkei, up to holding more of the majority, but also buying the Treasury Bonds issued by the government, in such quantities that the big banks of the planet have moved away from this market, completely tampered with.

The BoJ reputed to hold the equivalent of 100% of GDP in the form of Treasury Bills (JGB) has proposed to buy out unlimited 10-year JGBs at a rate of 0.11%.

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