The Energy Disaster Kicking Into Full Gear: World Is Totally Unprepared For What’s Ahead

With the United States oil production growth of 84% versus 16% for Saudi Arabia, why should the Saudi’s cut production??  Furthermore, the Saudi’s have been selling their oil at a discount, $25 a barrel. Unfortunately, U.S. WTIC crude now trading at $22.84 and North Dakota Light Sweet fetching a lousy $14.25, where’s the REAL PROBLEM taking place???

You got it… these super-low oil prices are GUTTING the entire U.S. Shale Oil Industry… backward, forward, upside-down and inside-out… LOL. Thus, U.S. politicians are desperate because the notion of “Energy Independence” and the “Dollar Dominance” comes under severe pressure.

The Destruction Of the Global Oil Industry Is Disastrous For The Highly-Leveraged Debt-Based Financial System

As I watch the POOR SLOB ANALYSTS on CNBC trying to make a case that the market has hit bottom, I wonder if they have any idea about the massive carnage taking place in the MAIN DRIVER of the economy… the Global Oil Industry. 

Not a chance… so, while we have to continue listening to these Wall Street Clowns on CNBC, they do not realize their occupation is no longer necessary.

WALL STREET IS DEAD… it just doesn’t know it yet.

I have mentioned several times in articles and youtube videos that it wouldn’t take much of a decline in the global oil supply to take down the Highly Leveraged Debt-Based Financial System. Unfortunately, what we got with this global contagion is TEN TIMES WORSE. Thus, the global financial system is now in the process of disintegrating right before our eyes in glorious 3D Widescreen Technicolor, even with the Fed and Central Banks intervention.

All the Central Banks can do at this point is to KEEP THE TERMINAL PATIENT ALIVE a bit longer. We have no idea what the world looks like when 20-25% of oil production is lost. This will totally destroy the U.S. Treasury Market that is based upon growing oil supplies to remain viable. 

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