Stocks And Precious Metals Charts - Tripping Along The Abyss

“Archegos’ meltdown had all the makings of a dangerous situation — largely unregulated hedge fund, opaque derivatives, trading in private dark pools, high leverage, and a trader who wriggled out of the SEC’s enforcement.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren

"Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hollow hypocrisy.  There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, and hidden, that shall not be made known.  Whatever has been said in the darkness shall be heard in the light: and what has been whispered behind closed doors shall be shouted from the roof tops."

Luke 12:1-3

The valuation debate du jour amongst the spokesmodels on neo-Bubblevision financial TV was whether, after a pullback, Bitcoin will rise to either $400,000 or $600,000. 

I mean, some guy said it.  All we did was endlessly repeat it without any counter-commentary.

Yeah, right.

It was risk-off in the markets on an inflationary wave of expanding asset valuations today.

Gold and silver powered higher, which silver showing its hallmark volatility.

When it moves, it moves.

The dollar chopped sideways.

Stocks rallied into the close.

And no one can see it coming.

Have a pleasant evening.

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