Silver Vs. Inflation: The Fight Bound To Erupt

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The pandemic has had long-lasting implications on our world — from the public health sector to the financial markets. In the wake of the financial uncertainty that the pandemic has produced, the fiat monetary system continues to be questioned by more and more people.

The unreliability of fiat currency did not arise in recent years, it had a long track record of failing, 100% of the time. Because fiat is an unbacked form of currency, and because of its performance historically, we have reason to believe that it is going to fail in the future.

The post-pandemic reality will most certainly induce inflationary trends. Central banks around the world have been printing more and more currency in order to deal with the present-day financial troubles. The more the banks print, the more the value plunges. Fiat is starting to become worth less — until it eventually becomes worthless.

The Monetary Metals Meme

At the final destination of great inflations comes a foray of competing currencies; historically, the front runners have been precious metals. The stability that silver and gold have provided for thousands of years is unmatched, and more people are beginning to realize that. The one way in which people can protect their wealth is to invest in stable assets — gold and silver.

Silver, the first money to ever be mentioned in the bible, has existed within the monetary system for thousands of years, as both a medium of exchange and an industrial commodity. Next to oil, silver has proven to be the most essential element to exist. Everything we touch on a daily basis, from our smartphone to automobiles, involves the use of silver. Silver has been disregarded as money for a long time, and awareness of how vital silver is to the people is needed now more than ever.

In 1873, a silver incident called The Crime of 1873 came to be — also known as the Coinage Act of 1873. This was when the banking establishment of the United States pronounced gold to be the only legal tender, effectively omitting silver from the markets. The reason behind this is in a story as old as time: financial control. A surplus of gold and a shortage of silver pushed the banks to lobby for the former whilst disregarding the latter.

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