E Silver Forecast (October Update): 21 Analysts Now See Major Move In Price Coming

Many analysts are forecasting silver going as high as $1,200 over the next decade but a few are suggesting that silver could go as low as $5 if we experience a long-lasting major recession or a depression along the way. Below are their projections and rationale. (All prices are in USD per troy ounce.)

1. Goldrunner: "My fractal analysis chart work on Silver clearly points to Silver going up to $800 to $1,200 a bit later than 2025."

2. Keith Neumeyer: “Silver is an extremely critical metal - a strategic metal - and the investment community will figure it out eventually” and, when they do, he believes silver could reach the $130 level and, if gold were to hit $10,000, he could see silver at $1,000. Source

3. Hubert Moolman: “The 70s pattern is very similar to the pattern that currently exists. Therefore, I do not think it is wishful thinking that silver will reach the target of $675 as a minimum.” Continue reading…

4. Egon von Greyerz: "If we assume $10,000 for gold and a gold:silver ratio decline to the historical average of 15, we would see a silver price of $666...If we look at silver adjusted for real inflation based on ShadowStatistics, the $50 high in 1980 would equal to $950 today so silver at between $600 and $1,000 is not an unrealistic target." Source

5. Gary Christenson“Silver prices for the next decade are dependent upon many unknowns but a ‘more of the same’ financial world suggests silver prices will rise toward $100 in the next 5 – 7 years. A more aggressive chart interpretation shows that silver prices could rally toward $200 – $300. Indeed, if the powers-that-be create or can’t stop hyper-inflation of the dollar, $500 silver will look inexpensive by the end of the decade.”   Continue reading…

6. David Smith: “[If my forecast of $10,000 gold is realized, as I think it will then] you could see $166 silver, and if...[the gold:silver ratio] drops down to 40:1, which is not out of the question, [you could easily see] $250 silver." Source

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