Silver. For Your Health. For Your Wealth

It's ironic that the Covid-19 outbreak came to the fore at the same time that precious metals – gold and silver – were building out lengthy technical bottoms formed in 2016 and 2019, implying much higher prices to come.

For gold, a new all-time nominal high attempt at $2,000 could take place this year. For silver, spear thrusts at $26-$30 are within the realm of possibility.

Given current market action trading down to $12, this may seem hard to believe. But silver can surprise on the upside just as easily.

Gold and silver – for those who have prepared by "stacking" it – and in the relatively short time remaining for those making that choice now, are poised once again to effectively carry out their historic insurance roles.

What's fascinating to me – after more than two decades of personal experience – is the parallel role silver plays as a vital health tool.

I cannot give medical advice per se, but you can certainly "look over my shoulder."

Consider the evidence here, do some additional research, and maybe take a "test drive." I use exactly this same process myself!

For several decades, I've used a brand of colloidal silver spray for health maintenance. This came in handy three times during the many mining tours I've taken to research and write reports for The Morgan Report – once each in Mexico, Argentina, and in Guandong, China. A spray into each eye (contacts in), quickly turned a dangerous if-untreated eye infection into, as my South American friends would say, "no hay problema.”

Just before visiting a high-altitude silver mine in Bolivia, a dropper-full of colloidal silver took a severe ear infection down for the count in a few minutes. Years of struggle with sinusitis, frequent colds and flu have become non-events. At the first sign of a problem – I spray nostrils, throat and eyes.

What about "blue skin"? This fear goes back many years to when people tried to make their own ionic silver without controls on sanitation, or the ability to measure the silver content.

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