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Steve Todoruk of Sprott USA, and the 2019 Pezim Award winner sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss the Significant New Discoveries and the impact on your portfolio. Mr. Todoruk has a proven pedigree of identifying promising new discovery plays for gold miners time and time again. His unique insights and deep understanding of the mechanics driving the sector make the interview an invaluable source for junior gold miners and investors alike. Mr. Todoruk conveys some of the unique, qualitative criteria for identifying new gold deposits, building new mines, and spotting promising gold miners and mining companies worth investing in. His in-depth overview of the industry and major mining companies participating made him one of the most highly regarded, sought out investments minds in the space.


Maurice Jackson: Today we will discuss the correlation between performance and companies that have identified significant new discoveries. Joining us for a conversation is Steve Todoruk of Sprott USA.

Now, before we delve into performance and discoveries, allow me to congratulate you, sir, on winning the prestigious 2019 Pezim Award. What an honor to have your peers and industry professionals recognize your contributions as being a great steward for the natural resource space. For the person reading, tell us about the Pezim Award, and share some of the previous winners.

Steve Todoruk: Quite humbling, for sure. Murray Pezim was a well-known financier based out of Vancouver. About 30 years ago he had up to 50 junior mining companies in the stable, and Murray would raise the money for the different companies and go out exploring, trying to make new discoveries of gold and silver deposits. His little company in Eastern Canada discovered the famous Hemlo gold mine, which is still in production. Then in the 1980s a couple of his companies discovered the Eskay Creek mine, which went on to become the richest gold mine; I think it was the fifth-largest silver mine in the world. One of the stocks literally went from $0.25 cents to $72 a share!

I had the pleasure during those days when I was a geologist in Vancouver and I was conducting quite a bit of the exploration work for Murray's various companies. I had firsthand experience with them, I would say that during that time I was younger and a couple of friends, and we started up a little investment club and we started buying some of Murray's stocks, which introduced us into investing in the sector. Murray passed away in the 1990s, and after that in honor of them, the Pezim Award was created, which is to recognize various individuals more on the financing side of the mining industry, in particular, people who are involved in raising money for junior mining companies, as well as going in the market and buying shares, supporting the companies that they liked.

I'm kind of surprised and very humbled to join that list because some of the previous winners were obviously Murray Pezim, John Tognetti of Haywood Securities, Ian Telfer, Ned Goodman, Adolf Lundin, my boss Rick Rule, Eric Sprott, Mark O'Dea, Clive Johnson of B2Gold, Rod Netolitzky, John McCluskey. It's a pretty prestigious group of guys there.

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