Physical Demand Is Awakening The Silver Bull

In this episode, I discuss all things silver with a legendary figure in the silver market, David Morgan. Widely known and universally respected, David is an acknowledged guru of the silver market and has been writing about and analyzing the silver market for many years. He is also the author of the Morgan Report and a number of books about silver investing.

With the silver market now attracting more media and investor interest than in a long while, and with the physical silver market displaying impressive strength in an environment of tight supply, this is a must-see interview.

Video Length: 00:47:49

The interview is 47 minutes long and each topic in the interview is clickable as follows:

00:00​ - Introduction

00:53​ - Current excitement in the silver market and its sustainability

02:27​ - Impact of rising investment silver demand given tight supply

06:33​ - SLV and the London silver ETFs versus Sprott PSLV

10:20​ - The SLV sub-custodians in the London silver market

11:54​ - Silver demand - Competition between investment and industrial

15:16​ - Government silver stockpiles and other Undisclosed stockpiles

18:48​ - The historic strategic silver pile of the USA

21:16​ - The market for 1000 oz silver bars: A limited and finite supply

24:24​ - JP Morgan’s naked short in silver and CFTC's lack of action

27:33​ - The Big Silver Short position of JP Morgan and other Wall St banks

30:55​ - Impact of a higher and rising silver price above $30 per ounce

35:54​ - Scenario of government forced sales of silver mines/physical

38:32​ - The inflation-adjusted price of silver and what prices could we expect

41:15​ - The silver mining stock sector and its place vs physical silver

45:01​ - The Wrap Up

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