Is Silver (Finally) Set To "Cross The Rubicon"?

Unlike Bitcoin, silver has been the trusted money of last resort across cultures for thousands of years. And it has not, nor will it ever likely go to zero!

In my studied opinion, the case for a price explosion to the upside has never been more compelling, nor dare I say, felt more imminent. Whether it launches very soon, or sometime in 2021, its day of reckoning is relentlessly bearing down.

"The Die is Cast" for Silver...

The pressure building under silver is like the tremors that shook Mt. St. Helens before the pyroclastic explosion which tore out the side of the mountain and buried several states under white ash. Even today the surrounding landscape has not "returned to normal."

I can remember palladium trading at $180. Once it "impossibly" rose above $1,100, it from there tripled and never looked back. Rhodium went from $600 to $14,000. Amazon traded in 1997 at $20 and hit $3,500 this year. And Bitcoin is not likely going back to $200 anytime soon.

Silver Bullets:

  • Following David Morgan's dictum of investing "small money to attempt big returns," silver today is still a wildly asymmetric trade.
  • Holding some physical (and maybe a few well-selected mining stocks) serves as insurance, inflation-protection, a liquidity vehicle, and a savings habit.
  • Like the "lost Bitcoin" mentioned above, and unlike the gold supply, most industrial-bound silver is never recycled, thereby permanently dropping out of the supply equation each year.
  • Some 75% of available silver is now lodged in ETFs. What happens to the price if a company or hedge fund launches a drive to stockpile the rest, analogous to what took place regarding Bitcoin with Square and PayPal?
  • Ted Butler concludes that "when silver goes off, it will be like an atom bomb on a hydrogen bomb on a neutron bomb... I don’t think there will be anything like it again in my lifetime."

Are you willing to take the other side of this bet by passing on the opportunity to acquire some "hold in your hand silver"?

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