Is Silver (Finally) Set To "Cross The Rubicon"?

For several decades, both David and Mexico's Hugo Salinas Price (via the latter's proposed silver Libertad coin) have sought some way of returning silver to the world for wealth preservation and "honest money" for everyone – roles that for millennia it has faithfully served.

Recently, I've come to the conclusion that we're getting awfully close to the day – after all these years – when the price of silver is about to Cross its Rubicon. Why am I so optimistic about silver right now?

Ted's most recent interview about the change in J.P. Morgan's status from the biggest short on the COMEX to perhaps its largest long…

…seeing silver being mined at just a 9:1 ratio to gold as mill head grades dropped 60% in the last decade…

…understanding that the entire gold and silver sector is less than 1/3 the market cap of Apple stock…

…watching the effects of unprecedented financial mismanagement worldwide exacerbated by COVID; and seeing a flood of money from investors large and small pour into both metals, whether prices rise OR fall... the list is almost endless.

Total Demand Silver (Circle Chart)

Something (other than a price rise) happened recently to Bitcoin. It's been estimated that the electronic "mining" of new Bitcoin results in the addition of about 900 coins per day.

As you've heard, "the program" dictates that there can never be more than 21 million bitcoins – several million of which have already been lost.

Along with the explosive popularity of blockchain applications in general, it's estimated that Square and PayPal alone have acquired the equivalent of all BTC mined this year.

Once the Rubicon is crossed, there is no turning back.

When I bought some Bitcoin a few years ago at $235 apiece and watched it drop to $180 soon thereafter, I didn't think it would rise 90x.

Yes, Bitcoin could have and might yet "drop to zero" like some naysayers still claim. Even if it had, I would not have lost too much because of the incredibly skewed risk-reward nature of the bet... something that wager has in common with silver.

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