Hocus – Pocus Scheme To Cause Dramatic Gold Surge


Wealth preservation is what it says, protecting current wealth and also generational wealth. European families who have survived financially for centuries have always had major portions of their assets inland and in physical gold.

Gold is a 100%-proof bet on the continued failure of governments’ monetary

Or in other words, holding physical gold is like putting your money on black on a roulette table with only black numbers. You know that you will win every time as history proves with 100% certainty that governments will continue to destroy the currency and thus the economy.

So regardless if investors are in agreement with the systemic collapse that I have outlined above, no one can deny the currency collapse since that has happened without fail throughout history.

Governments are incapable of stopping deficits or money printing. The US for example has increased its debt every year since 1930 with four year’s exception. America is a bankrupt country but has managed to hang on to its reserve currency status until now. But this comes at an enormous cost. Since Nixon “temporarily” took away the gold backing of the dollar in 1971, the dollar has lost 98% in real terms.

With the current state of the US economy and with Biden having already committed $6 trillion in his first 100 days, the dollar is guaranteed to implode.

The principal objective of a government is to be reelected and the only way to achieve that is to buy the people’s votes. Thousands of years of history proves that.


In times of political and geopolitical upheaval gold also serves as a protector and lifesaver.

Gold is also your best protection against a rigged and totally corrupt financial system.

To take a few examples, just look at the Romans in 180 to 280 AD when the Denarius lost 100% of its silver content or the people in Uganda during Amin’s rule or in Yugoslavia during the hyperinflation of the early 1990s or in Venezuela today, to mention just a few examples in history. The list will fill a whole book.

Within the next 5 – 10 years investors are likely to lose in excess of 90% of their wealth.

This projection has nothing to do with sensationalism or Cassandra fortune telling

The likelihood of having nothing left in real terms is substantial just from currency risk.


So now is the time to get out of the financial system for a major part of your assets and invest in physical gold and silver.

The average investor hasn’t got a clue of the REAL return on investment. REAL in this case means measured in stable money. And the only stable money in history, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, is of course gold.

No one must believe that measuring your wealth in US dollars for example has got anything to do with the REAL performance.

Wealth preservation is now paramount and that involves not having the majority of your assets in paper wealth within a shaky financial system.


Many are asking about the Basel III requirements in relation to gold. Alasdair Macleod has written some excellent articles on this subject on the King World News site.

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