Golden Vaccines And Dow To Gold Ratio


Gargantuan debt. Our $24 trillion in national debt will explode higher. $30 trillion is coming soon.

A Fed balance sheet of $10 trillion. Central bankers might claim the first $5 trillion is the hardest. The next $5 trillion will soon be “printed.” Government will spend, and the Fed will monetize.

Growing realization: Creating $5 trillion was easy. One should ask, what will the next $5 trillion be worth? A virus can destroy people’s confidence, and printing can weaken confidence in the purchasing power of dollars.

Rescue: The Fed will “print” to rescue stocks and bonds. They will sacrifice the dollar’s purchasing power.

Shortages: Gold and silver dealers are mostly sold out, and the economic crisis is only beginning. Mines will close, people will panic to escape increasingly worthless dollars and want real assets. Supply will fall, demand will rise. Premiums over spot prices (COMEX paper prices) are at or near the highest in history. Higher spot prices and much larger prices for real coins and bars are inevitable.

Confidence and credibility: The Fed lost credibility. People are unhappy with government officials, hospital costs, the CDC, and congress. Fear, lost jobs, deaths, foreclosures, and bankruptcies make it worse. Government checks will buy time, but not enough.

Vaccines: A vaccine for COVID-19 will be immensely profitable for “Big Pharma” so it will become available. But a vaccine to counter the disease of central banking is available now! We call it GOLD!

MMT (AKA Magic Money Tree) economic theories, UBI (Universal Basic Income), continuous bailouts, and hyperinflation are “on-deck” waiting for their opportunity to remake our economy.

Blaming Others:

It’s all Trump’s fault because she thought it was ‘safe’ to go ahead with Mardi Gras which likely infected hundreds…” From the Mayor of New Orleans.

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