Gold On The Go And We Review 'The Crow'

In fact from watching the progression of the Econ Baro (which as you know is an oscillator more than a nominal measure of the economy's level), it nonetheless has surpassed its depths from COVID (leading into last June), such that if the economy is ever allowed to reopen in full, the expected surge shan't be there, simply because the private sector has already adjusted to carrying on with business as best it can. To be sure the hospitality/travel/entertainment area can improve, but hardly is it comprehensively shut down, nor is it representative of the whole economic pie. Again: has the stock market crashed yet? Just askin'...

Meanwhile, free faux dough remains the order of the day. We find this rich: a Mom and Dad with a combined annual income of $150k and three kids are eligible to receive $7k in stimulus, ($1.4k per parent plus dependents). Clearly no need for assessing need there. Again: has Gold reached 4000 yet? Just askin'...

At least Gold is curving in the right direction, i.e. up! Let's go to our two-panel graphic of Gold's daily bars from three months ago-to-date on the left and the 10-day Market Profile on the right. Price's baby blue dots of linear regression trend consistency continue their climbout, which in having crossed above the -80% axis generated a buy signal as we stated a week ago. The Profile shows the bulk of trading these past two weeks to have occurred in the low 1730s such that 'tis the supportive platform from which we seek higher levels near-term:

And of course here's the like drill for Sister Silver (SLV), her "Baby Blues" (at left) also curving upward whilst her most dominant trading supporter appears (at right) as the 26.10 level:

So clearly we see Gold as on the go through here: 1800 seems quite reasonable as an initial goal, however the 1800s in general could well be fraught with much to and fro. But as we always say: "Hang onto your Gold!" And now let's assess "What Became of the Crow?"  See below! 

Review of Robert Moriarty’s just published:  “What Became of the Crow?  Inside the Greatest Gold Discover in History” 

From what begins as a would-be stone’s throw (wait a sec, is this a gold nugget that was just naturally lying there on the ground?) at a smart savvy crow is another Mighty Moriarty adventure to unfold toward discovering history’s vastest treasure trove of Gold.  This is an engaging adventure throughout – but wait – ‘tis actually a work of non-fiction, i.e. you can’t make this stuff up!

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