Gold $2000 Recaptured

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“recapture the good times” gold chart 

Gold has recaptured the $2000 price marker, and there’s already a noticeable pattern of higher highs and higher lows from the low of the reaction. That’s bullish action!

Here, US politicians appear to be pledging their allegiance to Fed photocopier machines and more debt…

While leaving the citizens to rot.

Most leading US politicians are extremely wealthy. Many grew up with a big fiat spoon in their mouth. They don’t really care if the average citizen lives or dies. All they mainly do is brag about themselves while spending, printing, and borrowing obscene amounts of money.

That’s great news for gold and silver!

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Silver also now sports a nice staircase pattern of higher highs and lows.

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GDX chart

With the news out that perennial gold basher Warren Buffett has finally bought a gold stock (Barrick), an institutional buying frenzy is quite possible…

If gold can prove itself here at the $2000 price level.

GDX looks ready to test the recent high, and many individual miners have already done so successfully.

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GDXJ chart

While gold’s quick rally back over $2000 is good news, investors need to be prepared for an array of scenarios, some good, and some… not so good. GDXJ could go into a trading range that tests investor nerve, before moving higher again.

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US stock market chart

My epic buy signal points were outlined years before the Corona crisis crashed the market into them.

The bottom line: The FATCA-themed American empire is finally fading away, but as democrats and republicans attack each other on the streets, the government could look to “solve” that problem… with a major war.  

I’ve outlined the 2021-2025 period as a potential war cycle. Previous war cycles in America include 1941-1945 and 1861-1865.   

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