Energy Report: The Last One Before Christmas

It was the Last Energy Report Before Christmas and Trump shakes up the House. Sending the COVID bill back as he started to grouse. The bi-partisan bill was crafted with care: but for families, there is not enough there.

A mountain of pork is what was found instead, and not enough cash to supply them with bread. There was cash for the Ukraine and countries all over the map, but for business and families it was basically scrap.

When Trump threatened veto there arose such a clatter, even Nancy Pelosi agreed on some of the matters. She called on the Senate to raise cash in a flash but said little of the pork spending that she won’t want to trash.

The Republicans will worry about spending more dough as our nations red ink continues to grow. To conservative principles they want to adhere as the bill will come due in a couple of years. They might override a veto so incredibly quick, even as some of the appropriations should be making them sick. There excuses for pork are incredibly lame and these politicians should be called out by name!

Like Pelosi, like Schumer, like McConnell or Mike Simpson, Or Nadler or Clybourne or Swalwell more tricky than Nixon. The stories they tell are incredibly tall and they spend our money with incredible gall. While families and restaurants are left high and dry, the government makes obstacles that mount to the sky. It seems in Washington they have not a clue, while business and families continued to get skewed. Their promise of relief is just a loud noise, while special interests get all of the toys.


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If you are looking for the burden of proof take a look at the money for business that looks more like a spoof. Just as their business were turning around in many places the government made them shutdown. If they questioned the orders: they would put down their foot. And the operating licenses would turn into ashes and soot. They say they want to stop the COVID dead in its tracks even if it falls on the failing business owners’ backs. It is a burden the government says they should carry even if financially they get buried.

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