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We know the employment report is going to be good today as President Biden has already scheduled a press conference to take credit for it. That of course is his right as President, but should he not also take responsibility for his misguided energy policies that are starting to suck the wallets dry of Middle America? President Biden and his fact-checkers throw up their hands and say good old Joe has nothing to do with the surging fuel price. Gosh shucks, it’s all about the reopening of the economy. Blah blah blah, you can take credit for the job number that is because of the reopening of the economy. The reopening of the economy because of the vaccines created by Project Warp Speed, that Biden dismissed.


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Yet it is disturbing that under President Biden's watch we have seen gas prices surge as he kills pipelines and puts on drilling moratorium, restricting U.S. producer’s ability to respond to rising prices. Joe says it is not his fault, but I dare anyone to name anything that President Biden has done that might cool prices. Some might say the Iranian Nuclear talks, that have been put off and based on Iran’s behavior looks like they are doomed to failure.

His nemesis Russian on the other hand is profiting from Biden's green dreams increasing exports to the U.S. at a record high level becoming the third-largest supplier of oil to the U.S. behind Canada and Mexico.

While President Biden sees himself as some type of green energy visionary, his policies will damage the economy and make the U.S. economy more vulnerable to an oil price spike and more economic pain for average Americans. President Biden wants to go big on Infrastructure even though his plan is not anything a normal person would call infrastructure will require lots of oil and natural gas to achieve. More and more that oil and gas will be imported because the Biden Administration believes that they can set an example on climate by importing more virtuous foreign oil and gas.

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