Energy Report: It Is Time To Sacrifice

The Biden Administrations is saying it is time to sacrifice American Jobs to save the planet. Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm, as she testified at her confirmation hearing, said very clearly that jobs will have to be sacrificed. Our new incoming Energy Secretary and the Biden Administration are more than willing to sacrifice jobs, economic growth while they allow other countries to pick up the slack from what will be falling U.S. oil and gas production.  

While Present Biden says he sees his policy as one that will revitalize “the U.S. energy sector, conserving our natural resources and leveraging them to help drive our nation toward a clean energy future, creating well-paying jobs with the opportunity to join a union, and delivering justice for communities who have been subjected to environmental harm.” The reality is that we are sacrificing jobs today for jobs that may or may not be created in the future. Jobs from companies that do not exist and jobs from companies that can only survive with government subsidies.  We are also allowing OPEC and Russia to have greater influence over global oil prices and allow counties that do not produce oil as cleanly and efficiently to fill the void without the benefit of US Environmental oversight.

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Green jobs that were promised by the Obama Administration were never created. The ones that were created paid much less than the ones than the jobs that were lost. Many of those green jobs were created in China and China took advantage by dumping cheap solar panels in the U.S. bankrupting U.S. companies.

Then-Vice President Joe Biden led the oversight of the Obama green Energy Spending that even the Obama Administration was far from a success. In 2008, the Obama Administration promised that they would create 5 million green energy jobs. They invested $150 billion over 10 years to advance a clean-energy economy built around biofuels, hybrid cars, low-emission coal plants, and renewable sources such as solar and wind. Yet how many jobs were created?

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