Energy Report: Climate Deniers

It is sad to see that people are trying to blame the cold snap on Texas and climate change despite no scientific evidence to back that up. It seems that “Big Green”, the name I give to the green energy lobby, only wants to use science when it seemingly backs its position. They want to convince you that the world is going to end in just 10 years unless you spend trillions of dollars on inefficient, intermittent energy sources that will suck enough profit from traditional sources of energy leaving the power grid more vulnerable. 

“Big Green”, the green energy lobby, has many politicians willing to spend your tax money and line their pockets and at the same time, reduce our energy independence. They tell you that green energy is cheaper yet if that is the case, why does it have to be subsidized? The Green Energy lobby wants to hype events like the tragedy in Texas and try to cover up the fact that the highly subsidized wind and solar part of the Texas energy grid failed and left Texans in the dark. The green energy lobby, “Big Green”, wants you more dependent on solar panels made in China and they tell you that it is ok to scar the land with wind turbines that clutter the landscape, kill birds, and in a matter of years will end up in a waste dump because they cannot be recycled.

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They want to sell you electric cars with batteries with a limited usage range and with a toxic battery that will have to be disposed of. It will create a surge in demand for rare earth minerals that will leave us more dependent on China and slave labor. Yet if you try to question whether this is the best path of the country and the world, you are branded a climate denier. The Green Energy lobby tries to cover up the fact that it was oil, coal, and natural gas that saw production increases during the crisis while wind and solar dropped significantly. Because Texas reduced the ability and capacity of natural gas and coal, it was unable to overcome the drop in energy production from wind and solar.

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