Does Gold Have A Green Light To $1700?

Silver just went through a triangle-vertex-based reversaland it seems to have indeed triggered a reversal.

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Figure 5

Silver moved a bit higher on Wednesday (Feb. 24) and in yesterday’s early trading, but it didn’t exceed the recent high. This means that my previous comments on the above chart remain up-to-date:

The move lower is not yet super significant, but given the reversal point, it could just be the beginning. Remember the triangle-vertex-based reversal at the beginning of the year? Back then, practically nobody wanted to believe that silver and the precious metals market was topping at that time. It was the truth, though. Gold and mining stocks were never higher since that time and the same thing would have most likely happened to silver if it wasn’t the #silversqueeze popularity that gave it its most recent boost.

Now, there’s also another triangle-vertex-based-reversal in a few days, and since these reversals tend to work on a near-to basis, silver might top any day now, even if it hasn’t topped earlier today.

Based on what’s happening in the markets right now, it seems just as possible that silver and the rest of the precious metals market will form a temporary bottom within the next few days.

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Figure 6

Moreover, please note that it’s the last delivery day for silver futures, and instead of a supply-crunch-based rally, we see a decline. Naturally, this is bearish.

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Erikas Ivan 2 months ago Member's comment

Thank you again for the excellent analyses throughout the week, Mr. Radomski. I continue to find your precious metal insight really informative and reliable, both on short and long-term, especially on the short-term bearishness.