Cry Gold – Cry Wolf


So back to CRY WOLF.

I have numerous articles talking about the risks in the world which are incontrovertible although most investors prefer to suppress them.

I suggest that these permabull investors turn their charts of stock, bond, and property prices upside down, just to realize what could happen. But they must also remember that falls are many times faster than rises.

Also, falls start so quickly that almost everyone is caught out. And for decades central banks have saved investors and did it again in March this year. So there is very little fear in the market that next time will be any different and that investors will be deserted.

But let us play with the idea that this time CRY WOLF is a genuine call and the crash actually happens. If that were the case, the unsuspecting lambs will be slaughtered so quickly that no one has time to save himself.

And this is how we will see the biggest wealth destruction ever in history as I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.


The choice is simple. Ignore the risk of an implosion of the financial system and you could be led like lambs to the slaughter and never recover again in your lifetime.

Or alternatively, buy the only money that has survived in history and the only money ever that has maintained its purchasing power.

As paper money collapses together with all bubble assets (stocks, bonds & property), precious metals like gold and silver will not only preserve your wealth but most probably also enhance it substantially.

So please listen to my CRY WOLF and CRY GOLD calls. They will not only give you peace of mind but also protect you from the total destruction of your assets.

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