Coronavirus: Is More Debt The Solution?

The decline of the American empire continues relentlessly. The citizens look towards their government for guidance and all they see is maniacal debt worship.  Monkey see…monkey do:

New statistics show that credit card debt of millennials now rivals total student loan debt.

The nation’s so-called “leaders” now appear to function mainly as debt clock operators. 

They look like deckhands on a titanic ship of debt.  There are gaping holes in the hull, but the focus is on “making growth great” by loading the overloaded ship with even more crates of debt.

The US government seems obsessed with providing debt-oriented welfare handouts to banks, the military, and stock market investors.

Anyone poor who gets sick is told they don’t need medical welfare, but they will be miraculously healed if they put all their savings into the stock market. 

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The growth rate of Corona cases outside of China is alarming. Corona is widening the horrifying path of destruction created by the debt virus.

"It is big. It's going to paralyze China. It's going to cascade throughout the global economy…We should pay more attention to this. And we should try and resist our inclination to buy the dip," -Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor for Allianz, Feb 3, 2020.

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US stock market chart

While debt and Corona spiral out of control, America’s leaders waste time drafting legislation to encourage citizens to invest their savings into the stock market… after a ten-year bull run!

What do India’s citizens think about the situation? For the answer to this key question...

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and go for the gold!

When Indians engage in fear trade (ETF) buying rather than love trade (jewelry) buying, it’s a major red-light signal for the world’s risk-on markets.

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