The Coke & Pepsi Of Precious Metals

In 1999, I concluded that the world would experience a major economic reset. Not just a typical recession, but a full-blown depression with all the requisite social, political and economic devastation. My best guess was that, sometime within a decade, there would first be a crash – a major recession - and that it would not be dealt with properly – that the central banks would provide bailouts and paper over the crash. This would result in a false recovery, which would eventually lead to a major collapse – one that would take decades to play out, before any solid recovery would ensue. I would very much have preferred to have been entirely incorrect in this prognosis, but that hasn’t been the case. To date, the events have played out as envisioned.

As to when the major collapse would arrive, there could be no exact certainty, as the central banks could trigger it at a time of their choosing, as they did in the 1929 crash.

But the ideal time to trigger it would be six months prior to the 2020 US presidential election. The election could be used to create as great a distraction as possible.

Although any of a dozen triggers could be used to usher in the crisis, I confess that the idea of a pandemic was not on my radar at all. Yet, a pandemic was ideal. A simple seasonal virus could be blown out of proportion by governments to create a panic – a distraction that would eclipse the consciousness of an economic crisis. Better still, the eventual crisis could be blamed on the pandemic, not on those who caused it.

This distraction has been so successful that many people who would now be looking closely at their wealth insurance portfolios have paid less attention to them than they might have.

But by August, this began to change. Many investors realized that, if there were a time to load up the truck with precious metals, this was that time. Gold rose by 14% and silver rose by 45% in just a few weeks. Both soon corrected but retrenched at numbers well above the July levels.

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