All 3 Resets Lead To Gold

There are three major Reset themes for the financial system, all with dire consequences.

So let’s look at the First Reset:

The current global crisis situation is almost as unreal as the 1964 Bond film “Goldfinger” in which the old 007 villain Auric Goldfinger plans to attack Fort Knox.

The world already has a “real Goldfinger” in the World Economic Forum (WEF) German founder and globalist, Klaus Schwab.


Schwab’s “Great Reset” agenda sounds more suitable for a coming Bond film than for our World. It certainly has all the ingredients of a Bond film including dismantling the current capitalist system achieving world dominance with the assistance of implanted computer chips in every human being in order to control and programme the human race.
Just to be clear, the preceding sentence is Schwab’s plan and not Goldfinger’s.

The real-life plans of Schwab’s “Great Reset – The Fourth Industrial Revolution” are beyond belief and frightening? His plan certainly would be much more suited for a Bond film than for the world.

Every year Schwab manages to gather a global elite in Davos, consisting of billionaires, corporate and political leaders and many other hangers-on.

It is hard to determine how many of the participants actually believe in Schwab’s agenda and how many are there to rub shoulders with the global elite. Most seem to be there because it is the place to be seen and “network”. You would have thought that there must be better places for important meetings than when the whole world is watching you.


Goldfinger’s Schwab’s agenda according to his “Great Reset,” under the umbrella of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” is a “fusion of our digital and biological identity”. This will include “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.”

On the WEF website, Covid-19 is used as the pretext for the revolutionary reset. The agenda is based on dismantling the current capital system in favor of a centralized technocrat rule which will lead to fewer civil liberties, lower living standards, less fuel consumption, and accelerated automation of jobs.

The purpose is clear, Schwab’s Great Reset will involve “implanted devices that will likely help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally ….. and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

“Even crossing national borders might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.” Schwab also states that implantable microchips will be the cornerstone of a transhumanist agenda that will merge man with the machine. This will force us “to question what it means to be human” says Schwab. It seems that Schwab definitely doesn’t believe that we humans have a soul.

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