A Silver Lining In Our Futures

Use of rare earth metals in Medical devices is growing as the latter are becoming even more sophisticated in identifying and diagnosing conditions that hitherto went un-detected until it was too late. Most of these machines rely heavily on electronics apparatus which in turn use metals like silver as conductors.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution that we are a part of is only going to grow, being able to manage all our utilities, gadgets with our smart devices is just the beginning, and these too require some sophisticated electronics to function.

In the IT and communication industry the use of silver and copper are a given.

So I buy Neodymium or Lanthanum or Dysprosium or Palladium or Vanadium or…?

Not so fast, to start with most rare earth minerals are not available for sale to individuals, but even if you could buy let’s say a ton of cerium, or five tons of Neodymium – what are you going to do with it?

Most industries don’t buy these in job lots or trade for them on their own; they work through a network of suppliers to get their requirements fulfilled. There isn’t even much of a brokerage in the physical supply of it, and it isn’t like you can go and sell a ton of Palladium to GM.

Even more importantly most of these metals are too niche and the potential payday too limited for a non-industry investor to bother about.

Gold and Silver troy ounce prices at lows and about to soar?

For a person entering this sphere, there are only two truly established metals that have a wide range of uses, can be stored indefinitely, can be traded online without a physical transfer of the metal, and have a track-record of being valued by consumers (the layman on the street) which in turn guarantees a certain minimum price for it.

I’m of course talking about Gold and Silver.

The two enduring metals that have held a special place in the annals of history, and have captivated explorers since the dawn of time, have seen wars fought over their possession.

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