A Must-See Gold Price Chart Of 50 Years

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The gold price chart of 50 years has an outspoken long term chart setup: a rounding bottom. In technical terms this is basing pattern. What makes this exceptional is (1) it took 8 years to complete and (2) gold has a track record of success with this type of long term pattern. This is clearly a long term bullish pattern. The setup on the gold price chart on 50 years is clear: gold is moving to all time highs. We will see $2,000 USD/oz in the next few years, the question is when exactly. In this article we try to forecast when this might happen, and also how. Note that this chart was also featured in our latest annual gold price forecast.

Note that even on Quora people are asking for gold price charts that have a message. There are lots of charts, there are not lots of charts with a message. We want to fill this gap at InvestingHaven, it’s the problem we try to solve on this site with our team.

As per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles it is 1% of the times that a market undergoes an important ‘event’. In other words 99% of the times a market, as well as a chart, are uneventful.

Think about this.

How many times have you seen charts, and how many times have you been able to figure out those really few but exceptionally important ‘events’ on a chart. The ones that have a high value for investors.

Relevant events for investors are visible on the longest possible timeframes. That’s why we pick the gold price chart of 50 years.

That’s where the most dominant trend is visible.

Gold Price Chart Of 50 Years: Giant Rounding Bottom

Below is the 50 year gold price chart. It is a quarterly chart. We believe this chart contains a wealth of insights. It is especially useful for our gold price forecast but also to understand the important ‘events’ for investors. Let’s review the insights we derive from this gold chart, and how it is useful for gold investors. We’ll start with the big picture conclusions, those ones that take five decades to conclude.

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