The One Habit That Keeps 99% Of People From Getting Rich

I said “Yes” to speak at a conference a few months ago.

And then… I ghosted them. I didn’t show up. I didn’t tell them I wasn’t going to show up.

I thought I wanted to go. But what I really wanted was to be asked.

I wrote to them at first, “How come you aren’t asking me this year? I’ll speak about whatever you want.”

So the main guy wrote back, “Great! We thought you didn’t want to come. Be the keynote speaker. Speak about whatever you want!”

And I wrote back, “Yes! Thank you!”

As it got closer, I regretted saying yes. But I was afraid to tell them. I didn’t know what to do.

They kept writing me and I didn’t write back.

“Tomorrow”, I kept telling myself. Tomorrow I will figure it out.

And then I just didn’t show up. I have no idea what they did when their keynote speaker, without any notice, didn’t show up.

I was afraid to say “No”. To disappoint.

I’m the author of the WSJ Bestseller, “The Power of No!” Buy it for all of your friends.

I’m a horrible human being.

(Don’t buy it)

I was a freshman in college and going into my dorm when some guy I didn’t know yelled out his window, “I just had sex!”

I thought he was a jerk. Because he was a jerk. But also because I was jealous of him (I had yet to kiss a girl and I was 18 and in college).

It was wintry and snowy and cold and I was only angry at everyone.

I was lonely, I had few friends, no girlfriend, and I missed my family.

I wanted to go home and I was practically failing all of my classes.

Years later at my first job, I even had to take remedial courses in Computer Science (I was a computer science major). I had to take these courses even though I had been an all-A student at CS and even went to graduate school for it, because college had taught me no real world skills.

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