Reviews Of New Books - May 9, 2021

● The Tyranny of Big Tech
Josh Hawley
Review via Wired
Where Hawley’s book departs from the standard anti-tech treatise is in his attempt to tie the current moment into a grand theory of American political history. In Hawley’s telling, people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are the direct ideological descendants of the original Gilded Age robber barons. Their dominance is the culmination of what he calls “corporate liberalism,” a philosophy in which, he writes, the state and big business conspire to deny the common man his independence and self-government. According to Hawley, corporate liberalism became entrenched a century ago in both major political parties, and today, “Big Tech and Big Government seek to extend their influence over every area of American life.”

● Fed Up!: Success, Excess and Crisis Through the Eyes of a Hedge Fund Macro Trader
Colin Lancaster
Summary via publisher (Harriman House)
Fed Up! tells the story of a global macro trader working amidst the greatest market panic we have seen since the Great Depression. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world, readers are taken through the late-stage decadence of an exuberant market bubble to the depths of the market crash and into the early innings of a recovery. It provides readers with a front row seat on trading activity, allowing them to experience the heartbeat of the markets.

● Money and Power: The World Leaders Who Changed Economics
Vince Cable
Review via BusinessLine
If economic theories have the salience to change the world, the political leaders who put these theories into practice deserve a deeper study as they are the ones who are instrumental in making people accept and implement the transformations.
Whether it is the “New Deal” of Franklin Roosevelt, the “New Economic Policy” of Vladimir Lenin or the “socialism with Chinese characteristics” of Deng Xiaoping, the leaders who changed economics are fascinating topics for academic examination.

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