Why Government Control Is Overrated

There is much confusion from Republicans and Democrats about what’s torturing the American landscape. Middle American red state towns have slipped into a self-induced opioid coma. Wealthy blue state cities along the east and west coasts are rotting from the inside out.

Both parties, nonetheless, are committed to big government, and big deficit spending, to bring about the new paradise. But do the President and Congress believe that more of the problem – big government – is somehow the solution to the nation’s ails?

As far as we can tell, this is the wrong question to ask. The real question is a question of control. That is the government’s desire to attain complete control over people, places, and things. To have complete control over your life, your property, your wealth, and your future earnings. That’s what they’re after; much more than MAGA. Their track record proves it.

At best, control is about eliminating uncertainty. That, somehow, perfect order can be delivered to the world through some sort of advanced social engineering and planning. That with perfect order, equal results, regardless of inequal effort or inequal merit, will be heaped upon the populace.

That a world without risk, with perfect certainty, with equal benefits for all, will be a better world. That roaming about in a world of complete control, where outcomes are predetermined, and lethargy’s rewarded, is a privilege to be bestowed by politicians and agency officials. Here at the Economic Prism, we have some reservations…

An Unthinkable Alternative

Complete control and the elimination of uncertainty is a desirable objective when managing an aquaculture system. With some experience and diligence, system outputs can be forecasted with greater than 95 percent accuracy. But when it comes to managing an economy, complete control and the elimination of uncertainty is an utter disaster.

In the 20th century, the Soviet Socialists pursued the complete and total control of the economy through forced planning at a scope and scale that had never been attempted. Yet Soviet attainment of complete control succeeded at eliminating social and economic progress. Soviet attainment of complete control also succeeded at erecting an archipelago of gulags spanning across eleven time zones.

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