The World’s Best Kept Investment Secret

There is a secret investment that virtually no investors are aware of. This is an investment that despite government manipulation and being besmirched by MSM still has outperformed all asset classes in this century. But it is not just an investment, it is the best hedge that anyone can buy against:

  • A failure of the financial system
  • Central bank debasement of fiat money
  • Stock market crashes
  • Credit market failures
  • Property bubbles
  • Collapse of art or other inflated assets like vintage cars

This is an asset that has gone up 5-6x in most currencies and more in weaker currencies since 1999. And in the last half century it has gone up 45x.

This asset costs almost nothing to hold and can be held virtually risk free outside the banking system.

This asset has some wonderful attributes:

  • No counterparty risk
  • No one’s liability
  • Inflation hedge
  • Crisis hedge
  • Only currency that has survived in history

It is an asset that has a limited supply and an increase in demand cannot be met by more production but only by higher prices.


There are periods when monetary policies are sound and when the price of this asset is stable. But other times, like in the last 100 years, when credit expansion and money printing have been rampant, this asset appreciates significantly measured in paper money. In real terms, this asset doesn’t go up in price. It just maintains stable purchasing power. But measured in paper or fiat money, the asset appreciates significantly as central banks destroy the value of paper money by printing unlimited amounts.

The best time to buy an asset is when it is unloved and undervalued. Currently, this asset is at an all-time low, compared to the amount of credit creation. And since over time this asset will always react to increases in money supply and debasement of currencies, it is likely in the next few years to correct the major undervaluation.

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