How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Dividend Stocks?

I read today where tax hikes are on the table which will affect all investors. How are you, and your readers, keeping up to date?

TIM: You ask a good question. My subscribers are very concerned and also asking for help. The issues you raised will be covered on our upcoming masterclass. It is a constant moving target; lately, I’ve been burning the midnight oil in preparation.

DENNIS: Wow! I’d love for our readers to be able to participate.

TIM: Many of your readers are currently subscribers and will receive notification directly from us. Readers can also check out this short video.

DENNIS: Jo and I plan on attending the class. We are all trying to find and hit moving targets. Tim, thanks again for your time.

TIM: My pleasure Dennis.

Dennis here. Tim has been gracious with his time and many readers have written in thanking him. Dividend payers are one of the few safe, income-producing opportunities left; I can understand why he is very busy.

Chuck Butler explains things are going to get more complicated:

“The $1.9 Trillion in new deficit spending was passed at the end of the week, and before the President’s signature in ink, dried, there was talk of a $3 Trillion Infrastructure Bill that’s coming…

Oh, sure, why just $3 Trillion? Why not make it $5 Trillion or $10 Trillion? It’s just money, and contrary to what my mother always preached to me… Money does grow on a tree… The Magic Money Tree… And don’t worry about how it will be financed, because the Fed is the buyer of last resort… I can’t begin to tell you just how wrong this type of thinking is…”

Things are changing quickly, and we are all in this together. Tim, Chuck, and I are doing our best to stay on top of things as we are in uncharted waters. Stay tuned!

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