7 Tips For Lean Business Growth In A World Of Excess

Outsourcing will help you grow faster, but not always leaner. When outsourcing a particular task to someone else, you can easily make expensive mistakes that destroy your budget. You also miss out on the opportunity to learn how to do the task on your own. This can lead to inaccurate expectations and a dependence on outside forces to keep your business growing.

Outsourcing isn’t bad, but it would behoove you to try something before offloading it. This way you at least have an idea of what you’re getting into.

  1. Automate What You Can

Don’t confuse the ideas of outsourcing and automating. Lean businesses should automate as much as they possibly can – with careful oversight, of course.

With automated tools in hand, you’re able to streamline the mundane, time-consuming tasks that require a bunch of man-hours. Yet, at the same time, you technically keep the tasks in house. You choose what you automate, when you automate, and how much you automate. It’s a controlled way of approaching the arduous tasks your business has to tackle regularly.

The best opportunities for automation include sales processes, email management, calendar management, and client onboarding.

  1. Prioritize Culture Over Perks

If you take a look at the trendy tech startups over in Silicon Valley, you’d think they’re running adult playgrounds, not professional ventures. They offer perks ranging from office nap pods and free catered meals to fully stocked bars and music recording studios. If lean growth truly is your pursuit, you can’t get caught up in all this hype

The reality is that most employees don’t really care that much about having a place to nap or getting to drink a beer on company time. It sounds good in a job description, but these are tiny, inconsequential perks that ultimately cost the organization a hefty chunky of change to keep up.

Instead of offering a bunch of glamorous perks, invest your energy in developing a magnetic and warm company culture that people are drawn to.

When an employee is weighing the option of taking another job or staying put, they’re not thinking about trendy perks. Instead, they’re considering the intangibles that make the job – i.e. the supportive community, job flexibility, and opportunity to do meaningful work. If you can create a strong company culture, you’ll find it far more cost-effective to attract and retain top talent. 

  1. Be Ready and Able to Move Fast

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