COVID Has Shown Norway The Importance Of A Well-Diversified Economy

The global pandemic has had an effect not only on our individual lives but on the big sectors and country economies first of all. The pandemic has left us speechless and alternatives, which turned out to be a harder challenge for all of us. The COVID-19 challenged businesses and private as well as public sectors, and we are still waiting for some answers and actions. 

The economy is shaken and the crisis is ongoing. The pandemic is still going on, and while the vaccine definitely gave us a bit of hope, it still seems to be quite far away and leaves us with multiple questions. The vaccine improved the economic and moral situation of the whole world, but we are still here to see some effects. 

Because of the highly contagious nature of the virus, people are asked and even forced to stay home and keep a social distance. The face masks have become our most vital accessory and the hand sanitizer bottles are the new essentials of our bags and pockets. The pandemic is still here to set its own rules, and while we know that we have to deal with it, no certain tool is vibrant on the horizon. 

Hand Disinfection, Disinfection

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The biggest survivors 

People have lost their jobs globally and the health care institutions are highly under pressure. Some countries held it better, while others did not. Some countries were able to quickly adapt to the situation, while others are still struggling to find the right guideline to follow. As the observations and reality have shown us, the developed countries handled it a lot better than the developing ones. 

The perfect example can be Norway. While the country and people are having a difficult time and the second wave even now, the overall situation is still way more positive than some other Eastern countries. Scandinavia is always performing with some of the best results. 

Though just like in every other country, due to the pandemic in Norway social problems still are on the frontline. The majority of the businesses are closed for now, and the permanent closure is only a matter of time. Thus, people are unemployed, and businesses bankrupt. The businesses which managed to survive were the ones who adapted to the COVID pandemic style and moved online. There are not a lot of them, especially considering the fact that retail businesses were sinking in the country just any way, it did not get better with the pandemic. 

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