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Prepare Now To Survive The Aftermath Of The Next Global Financial Crisis
Article By: Gregor Gregersen
Saturday, July 27, 2019 11:58 PM EDT
Our latest guest is Jim Rickards, best-selling author of Currency Wars. We talk about his latest book, Aftermath, and how we can prepare to survive the aftermath of the next global financial crisis.
E Taking Flight With Up Sonder
Article By: Startup Watch
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 3:02 PM EDT
We had the opportunity to interview Derek Waleko, CEO and founder of Up Sonder, the startup paving the way for affordable drone services.
In this article: AMZN, UBER, DPZ
Craig Hemke: Silver To Continue Lagging Gold, Will Struggle To Overcome $17
Article By: Stefan Gleason
Friday, July 19, 2019 10:03 PM EDT
The ratio traded at 93, as it did just a few days ago, or higher, only 82 days. 82 days out of over 11,000 so you get the feeling for how extraordinary the current discount in silver is relative to gold.
In this article: GDX, HUI Also: C, DB, JPM, GLD, SLV
Overstock's TZero CEO, Saum Noursalehi: Next Generation Capital Markets Is Here
Video By: Kiana Danial
Sunday, July 14, 2019 11:31 PM EDT
Overstock's tZero, a blockchain-based exchange, has recently launched a digital wallet and exchange app for crypto.
In this video: OSTK
Webull: A Great New Investment App Or "Cr"app? (Sponsored Review)
Article By: Cents For Sense
Thursday, July 11, 2019 5:31 AM EDT
When I was first asked to review this investment app, I thought 'what could a new app from a company I never heard of offer that I didn’t already have from a well-known investment company?' Well, I'll tell you...
CEO Interview: Paul Cowley Of First Vanadium Corp.
Article By: Peter Epstein
Wednesday, July 10, 2019 6:39 PM EDT
First Vanadium (FVANF) has a high-grade project in Nevada with a 303 million lb. Indicated, plus 75 million lb. Inferred resource. The deposit is near-surface an open to expansion. Promising metallurgical work is underway. PEA expected by year end.
In this article: FVANF
Reviewing Russell Gold’s The Boom
Article By: Simon Lack
Sunday, July 7, 2019 5:47 PM EDT
Although Russell Gold’s "The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World" is now almost five years old, it still provides a relevant commentary on America’s Shale Revolution.
In this article: USO
Stagflation Like Never Before
Article By: Stefan Gleason
Saturday, July 6, 2019 8:03 PM EDT
In an interview, Michael Pento warns: Stock market may go off the cliff.
FV 1 In 3000 Junior Miners Find An Economic Gold Deposit
Video By: Gregor Gregersen
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 4:03 AM EDT
Brian Leni discusses why gold is a must have insurance, the challenges with mining gold and also why he is bullish on nickel in the coming years.
In this video: GLD
Stocks And Precious Metals Charts - From Instruments Of Darkness Rise Instruments Of Change
Article By: Jesse's Cafe Americain
Monday, July 1, 2019 5:13 PM EDT
Stock futures soared, and the risk on trades were unleashed. The US Dollar rose triumphantly against most major currencies. And in that process, gold and silver were trounced.
In this article: GLD, SLV, NDX, SPX, UUP, VIX
Book Review: Bad Blood By John Carreyrou
Article By: Bankers Anonymous
Monday, July 1, 2019 3:00 AM EDT
I recently finished the best business book I’ve read in the past year, John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies In a Silicon Valley Startup, about the rise and fraud of healthcare technology firm Theranos.
CEO Interview: Sam Spring Of Kincora Copper - Cashed Up & Drilling
Article By: Peter Epstein
Thursday, June 27, 2019 10:30 PM EDT
Kincora Copper is a junior miner with big dreams in Mongolia. The company recently raised C$6M and is cashed up to drill up to 18,000 meters. It's a high-risk exploration play with the possibility of concomitant high reward.
In this article: KCC Also: RIO
Interview With Rick Rule
Video By: Proven And Probable
Tuesday, June 25, 2019 2:14 PM EDT
Rick Rule of Sprott USA, sits down with us.
The Lessons Of Rome: Our Neofeudal Oligarchy
Article By: Charles Hugh Smith
Monday, June 24, 2019 3:16 AM EDT
Our society has a legal structure of self-rule and ownership of capital, but in reality it is a Neofeudal Oligarchy.
Exclusive CEO Interview, Thomas Ullrich Of Aston Bay Holdings
Article By: Peter Epstein
Friday, June 21, 2019 1:06 PM EDT
Aston Bay has at least 3 very high quality team members, and 2 highly prospective projects. Yet its market cap is just C$6.5M = US$5.0M. Its more recently acquired project is a gold play in Virginia, USA that has very high-grade, narrow, intercepts.
In this article: ATBHF
Book Review: The Laws Of Trading, By Augustin Lebron
Article By: Brenda Jubin
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 2:45 AM EDT
The Laws of Trading is, to my mind, essential reading for traders who want not only to survive but to flourish.
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