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Money Supply Crash Will Force A Sharp Fed Reaction
The Fed money supply pump and dump will have to be followed by another pump if they want to avoid a depression.
Cycle Review
Some large cycles are near tops and bottoms of major trends.
Powell Doing A Volcker To Crush Inflation, Yeah Right!
In 1979, Volcker was equal to Goliath as he had a good chance of crushing inflation, today the debt Goliath is massive.
U.S. Debt Is Being Rejected By Big Money
The market is ringing the bells, can you hear them. Big money is doing something different this time.
World Sovereign Debt Risk Front And Center
The BOJ is naked, and they still think they look good. We are NOW at start of pricing in a world wide sovereign debt crisis. Think 'Bear Sterns 2007'.
Dow Jones Utility Index - Trade Like The FANGs
Most of the time the Dow Utility Index tops out 1 to 6 months before the Dow Industrials. Therefore the good news is while the Dow Jones Utility index manages to creep higher it is still an 'all is well' signal to be long risk on assets.


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Something Just Snapped In Saudi Money Markets
6 years ago

As per JIM RICKARDS Saudi most at risk of un pegging from the USD

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