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Has The Yen Found A Position Of Strength To Push Back Against The Dollar?
With the USD/JPY currency pair experiencing a short ratio of nearly 50% in Q2, coupled with lingering recession fears, now could be a great time to buy the rebound.
NFTs And Collectibles Tokens Bounce Back Amid The Crypto Collapse
Although NFTs and Collectibles tokens have not been spared by the downturn in crypto prices, some of the tokens seem to be bouncing back after sinking to new lows earlier this week.
Is The Market Entering Another Commodity Supercycle?
Investors are choosing commodities as the exodus from meme stocks continued during the first quarter of 2022, according to a recent market report.
Web3 Tokens To Watch In 2022
Although metaverse and GameFi tokens that give retail investors access to the Web3 opportunity declined significantly earlier this year, this was partly due to the overall crypto market plunge.
4 Formulas And Models Investors Can Use To Valuate Companies In 2022
There are just as many valuation models as there are assets these days. However, there are a few tried and tested valuation models that always work.
Cardano Price Forecast As Its First-Ever Developer App, Revuto Launches On Major Exchanges
Cardano price has plunged significantly since peaking in September last year.


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Key Takeaways From Akerna Corp. Q1 2021 Results Of Operation
2 years ago

Yes absolutely. There is a lot to unlock still. My previous target was $7.00-$8.00 but actually, now I think it's not farfetched to look at the price potentially hitting double digits in the next 12 months.

In this article: KERN
Gold Price Bumpy Run Could Spill Over To Next Month
3 years ago

Me too, gold should skyrocket soon. After weathering the storm caused by big-tech earnings. The earnings season seems to be the only thing causing a disturbance in the price of gold. It should be flirting with all-time highs by now.

In this article: GLD, XAU, PMPIX
Why You Should Keep A Close Eye On Your Credit
5 years ago

If your credit card information (including your identity) is stolen and you are unaware of it. Someone else could be spending on your behalf without your knowledge. That could affect your credit score. So it's always good to keep a close eye on your statements and alerts if linked to your phone or email.

Is Now The Time To Invest In Web Services?
6 years ago

It looks pretty interesting. It's one of the largest players in web services, so I would say it probably has a good chance of going on a run. Interesting times ahead.

In this article: SHOP, GDDY, WEB, EIGI
Why Is Verizon Buying Yahoo!, Again?
6 years ago

Just to clarify, I am not trying to imply that $VZ is buying $YHOO for the second time. I am trying to answer the question which has been asked multiple times. Hence the "again"

In this article: VZ, YHOO
Why Activision Blizzard Shares Are Down Today
7 years ago

Important NOTE: Shares of ATVI have since rebounded and are now trading at $35.54 as I write this comment, which is about 2.8% up from yesterday's close.

In this article: ATVI, KING
Ratio Of Part-Time Employed Remains Higher Than The Pre-Recession Level
8 years ago

Thank you, excellent analysis. Do you think that recent technological advances may also have had an impact. i.e most companies are now increasing the number of freelance workers in their payrolls. Also, I must say am not really certain, I think a number of people are kind of combining the two. i.e they work full time while at the same time running some other part-time gigs. Just a thought.

Will Gaming Companies Break Into The Next Frontier?
8 years ago

Hey Bruce, thank you for your comment. When I say social I am looking at it from a global perspective, the ability to bring players from different locations into one platform enabling them to interact with each other.

I know that there has been talk of technology like Oculus VR being one of the innovations that could enhance the social status of platform games, but we are not there yet. And as fa as Zynga, I mentioned it because it is the one company that really made social gaming popular. A couple of years it was among the best, but it may now have slipped back because of obvious reasons (revenue slowdown etc).

And yes, platform games are the ones driving revenues for gaming companies. Also I did not say that there is more money in social gaming than traditional gaming, I only said that if companies can find a way to fully monetize social gaming without pissing off players, then that is the next big shift in the gaming industry. That's my view.

Why Strategy Is Key In Forex Trading
8 years ago

Hi Alexis, thank you for your comment. It is recommended that if your are familiar with a particular currency, then it is good to focus on it, rather than trying different currencies that you may not have a clear understanding on what moves them.

As for day trading, NO, it is not a must that you should be a day trader to be involved in Forex, there are a lot of people who do it part time, only a couple of hours per day, others a few days per week etc.

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