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Vincent Catalano, CFA is Chief Markets Strategist, Stuyvesant Capital Management and Global Investment Strategist with Defoe Redmount. Catalano is also co-Founder and Member with Adriatic Capital Partners. Vincent is author of "Sectors and Styles" (Wiley 2006). He is a leading ... more


Resistance Is Futile
Here's a little something to ponder: The 10 year US Treasury yield challenging its support-turned-resistance line.
GameStop: Because They Can
Why is a $5 valued stock like GameStop trading over $200/300/400 per share? Because it can. Sounds like double talk? Not really. Here’s why...
A Gentle Reminder About Today's GDP "Boom"
Before some less educated in basic math get all lathered up over today's record 3Q GDP annualized number, read on.
Buying Versus Doing
How are consumers spending their cash today? The data seem to support consumers are buying (physical items) versus doing things (like travel).
Follow The Money Laundering
If the political matters to the economy and markets (and it does), then the follow-the-money trail of Trump's financials is a nuclear bombshell that will make the NY Times' bombshell look like a firecracker.
Concentration Of Wealth And Power
The data exhibited in the accompanying chart shows a disturbingly divergent trend that emerged pre-Covid recession/depression. Now extend this data to companies smaller than those in the Russell 2000 and the picture gets even more ominous.


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Buffett Versus Icahn: "Wall Street Rules" In Action
5 years ago

Gary, It's probably a bit of both but I suspect more due to sub par global growth and the excess supply of everything factor. Vinny

Donald Heisenberg?
5 years ago

Say my name!

Central Bankers – The Great Enablers
5 years ago

Much appreciated, "cousin" Gary.

Be in the lookout for a future commentary re excess capacity of virtually everything and insufficient demand.



When This Time Is Different Meets This Time Is Different
5 years ago

Thank you, Wendell. Much appreciated. re your question - it's too complicated to answer in this reply but allow me to make two quick comments. 1 - One contributing factor of low and negative interest rates is the excess supply of virtually everything and an insufficient demand to mop up that excess. This excess supply situation is driven, in large part, by globalization and technology. Look for a future TalkMarkets comment in the coming weeks for more on this. 2 - As a rule, divergences are almost always trend changing signals, by they related to economic conditions or the financial markets. My bet is what is happening cannot continue indefinitely and that consequences - intended and otherwise and most usually bad - will be the result. Hope this is of value to you. Thanks. VInny

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Chickens Coming Home To Roost
Anyone who thinks a plunging global equity markets, negative interest rates and a US 10 year Treasury rate at 1.62% is only about trade and tweets needs to look much much deeper.
President-Elect Kim Kardashian
Reality TV for real!

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