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Tim Richards is a blogger, researcher and advocate of behavioral finance. He owns the Psy-Fi Blog, a sideways look at psychology and finance. Mr Richards is also the author of The Zeitgeist Investor. In 'The Zeitgeist Investor: Unlocking The Mind of the ...more


On Dinosaurs And Dividends
Right now investors are experiencing their own version of the K-Pg event, with whole countries going into lockdown as homo sapiens once more shows its surprising capacity to act collectively when faced with real and present danger.
The pandemic that’s upon us is – obviously – a complete surprise, one that couldn’t be planned for. Understandably governments are reacting in real-time to an unfolding threat in the best way that they can. It’s – as they say – a Black Swan event.
Anchors A-Weigh!
In these uncertain times, as the Covid-19 virus moves across the planet, we’re seeing markets yo-yoing with wild price fluctuations on almost a daily basis. Jumps or falls of over 5% are commonplace.
Markets Are A Confidence Trick
Many investors are experiencing the real downside of stock markets for the first time. Suddenly they’re no longer placid, happy holiday resorts where riches gently roll to shore simply by waiting. A volcano has erupted.
Forecasts? I Haven't Got A Clue
We predict things all the time, we can't help ourselves. And in the small world that constitutes our immediate bubble of experience, those predictions may have some validity. But in the big world that we inhabit they often don't.
Cursed By Momentum
Although most investors have no edge on the market there's a proportion of them that persist in trading actively, the main effect of which is to enrich their brokers.


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The Zeitgeist Investor
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Are markets rational? Investors once believed that armed with charts, balance sheets and profit forecasts they could work out where the market would be next year and the year after. But after the financial crash of 2008, most experts have come to believe that what really drives the markets is psychology. And nobody can make money as an investor unless they understand what drives them emotionally - and what drives the market. In 'The Zeitgeist Investor: Unlocking The Mind of the Market' acclaimed financial blogger Tim Richards shows how the new science of psychological investing can explain the repeating patterns of stock-market history. In a concise, tightly argued e-book, he analyses the great cycles of the markets to discover what really drove the great booms and busts of the past.