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The 6 Stock Dividend Portfolio To Beat Your ETF
To build a min-REM portfolio that gives a higher yield & does not destroy principal value the strategy is to buy those finance REITs that have not been slashing dividend rates because their business models failed to adjust for changing interest rates
5 Stocks With Attractive Yields And Growing Dividends
Earn an accelerating income stream and market-beating returns with these five dividend stocks all yielding over 5%. Their increasing dividends and attractive yields will produce a growing cash income stream and capital gains.
3 Dividend Growth Stocks With Strong Buy Recommendations
The analyst community has turned bullish on these three dividend growth stocks that all yield over 4%. Not only do these stocks offer superior income opportunities they have undervalued share prices that will rise as the rest of the market wakes up.
5 Companies That Get Paid Every Time You Use The Internet
Get in on the tremendous ongoing growth prospects of these five stocks that make money every time you browse the internet and then give it back to you through generous and growing dividends.
Sell These 5 Popular Dividend REITS About To Cut Yields
Plummeting treasury yields put these five income stocks with highly leveraged portfolios at risk of dividend cuts that will send stock prices plummeting. Last time this happened in 2013, many of these names lost 30% of their values.
5 REITS Increasing Dividends In August
Buy these five REITS before they announce dividend increases that will send their share prices rallying. Investing in stocks with accelerating dividend payments is one of the best strategies to consistently increase your wealth over the long-term.


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Energy 'Experts' Are Wrong Again! Take This Opportunity To Lock In 20% MLP Yields
4 years ago

Susan good question. My first thought is that crude is a global commodity, so overall pricing is not that dependent on U.S. production. We will see how it goes from here. The upstream MLPs have moved up nicely since I wrote this article.

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