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The Dividend Payer That’s Up 3,000% And You Probably Didn’t Know It Pays Dividends
It feels like COVID-19 is stealing summer. With businesses closed, large gatherings banned, and no baseball (yet), we are in July, but it does not feel like summer should feel.
Use These 3 Preferred Shares To Protect Yourself Against Future Dividend Cuts
Here are the three largest holdings of the InfraCap REIT Preferred ETF (PFFR).
4 Reliable Dividend-Paying Companies That Sell To The Companies That Sell To You
When most people think about publicly traded companies, a small number of companies come to mind.
These 3 High-Yield Renewable Energy Stocks Are Heating Up Alongside Summer Temps
For higher yields and better return potential, investors should look for companies that are independent renewable energy providers. Here are three stocks that fit the good for the planet plus an attractive yield investment goal.
MCD, WEN, YUM, And QSR Drive-Thru Operations Keep The Dividends Flowing
Did you notice, as much of the economy was forced to shut down and people were told to stay home, how long the drive-through lines became at fast-food restaurants?
Take-Out And Delivery Stocks CASY, DPZ, PZZA Nearing 52-Week Highs: Still Room To Run?
With restaurants closed, those who don’t want to cook—or who won’t cook—scrambled to find new ways to get food prepared by someone else. To mix metaphors, stay-at-hoe orders created a perfect storm for the benefit of pizza companies.


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Energy 'Experts' Are Wrong Again! Take This Opportunity To Lock In 20% MLP Yields
5 years ago

Susan good question. My first thought is that crude is a global commodity, so overall pricing is not that dependent on U.S. production. We will see how it goes from here. The upstream MLPs have moved up nicely since I wrote this article.

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