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A “Stupid Cheap” Stock Pick For Bottom-Fishers
When the stock market goes into a bear market, it drags down almost every stock. Sound, profitable companies see their shares driven down right alongside the perhaps more deserving stocks that may have been overvalued.
The Future Of Energy – And How To Play It
Energy. Every aspect of our lives requires some form of energy, from transportation, to the growing of food, to powering your Facebook feed. For example, the internet is forecast to soon consume one-fifth of all the world’s electricity.
How To Beat The Wall Street Journal’s Market Crash Play
The wealth destruction this year experienced by investors who held the hot stocks of 2021 has been brutal. A recent Wall Street Journal email noted how investors have now changed strategies in response – better late than never.
Don’t Let Panic Lose You Money
Last week, I told my premium subscribers to get out of a stock that had been panic-sold two months earlier. By understanding exactly what was going on, we avoided the panic-triggered losses and sold at a price 130% above the selloff low.
Preferred Stock Income “On Sale” Right Now
Stock market disruptions create opportunities for investors who can differentiate between investments that are in trouble versus those that are not.
Why Growth Investors Panic – And Why They Shouldn't
Of the two types of stocks in which to invest – growth stocks and value stocks – investors naturally gravitate to growth stocks. But investors often get burned chasing high-growth companies’ stocks…


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Energy 'Experts' Are Wrong Again! Take This Opportunity To Lock In 20% MLP Yields
7 years ago

Susan good question. My first thought is that crude is a global commodity, so overall pricing is not that dependent on U.S. production. We will see how it goes from here. The upstream MLPs have moved up nicely since I wrote this article.

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